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How Salon des Entrepreneurs uses an engagement platform to facilitate quality meetings

2 days
of meetings and opportunities
50 000
participants and attendees
exhibitors and partners
Conferences and workshops

The Salon des Entrepreneurs partners with Swapcard for the 3rd time

Connect participants and visitors
The organizers of Salon des Entrepreneurs wanted to provide more networking opportunities and person-to-person meetings to attendees and exhibitors
Easily manage multiple tasks
The event planners needed to be sure they can update the program, instantly share information with tens of thousands of people, and track interactions
Our biggest challenge was to deliver the best experience to our visitors and exhibitors at the SDE trade show. That means an interface that is simple, efficient and helps me save time.

Aude Thomas

Event Organizer, Les Echos Solutions
Our event's visitors want to meet other entrepreneurs. At the same time, our challenge is to inform attendees and participants continuously.

Sybil Georges-Picot

Marketing Manager, Les Echos Solutions

App users searched and met based on specific hashtags and filters

The outcome

125 000
attneddes registered to attend sessions
20 000
flash business meeting
of in-app connections translate to meeting the right people

In 2018, the Salon des Entrepreneurs (SDE) teamed up for the 3rd time with Swapcard. The event has been the benchmark trade show in the world of entrepreneurship for 25 years. Now SDE seeks to re-invent itself for the digital age. Upgrading and updating the networking methods is a massive challenge, and engaging such a large community is not easy. That's where Swapcard came into play. The platform and mobile app offer a simple all-in-one solution for organizers who have limited time. With these tools, planners can manage the program, communicate critical information to attendees, and make sure the investment by exhibitors and partners pays off.
My goal was to connect with people with specific skills. Swapcard lets you filter before the event who you will meet and schedule appointments. I've had 50 meetings.

Yash Domun

Thanks to the app I could meet the people for whom my services are most relevant. I knew in advance what their needs and interests are so that I could focus my proposals. I'm sure I'll keep using this application at every expo and trade show I attend.

Alexandre Blanc

Student, Paris School of Business

Swapcard and Salon des Entrepreneurs: Digital in the service of attendees' engagement, in-person meetings and efficient event management

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