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Simplify event creation and management so you can focus on delivering memorable attendee experiences that drive long-term value.

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The must-haves to run smart events and build vibrant communities

⚡️ Easy & intuitive

All-in-one hub for powerful event programs

🎯 Revenue-driven

Exhibitor marketplace, lead generation tools, customizable ads, new analytics-based revenue streams

💬 Community-enhanced

On-demand content, networking, touchpoints, communication year-round

👾 AI-powered

AI matchmaking and recommendations for personalized journeys

🤝 In-person focused

Full onsite services, registration, and interactive mobile app connecting all audiences

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Event Management & Promotion

Organization management

Increase efficiency by adding team members as event managers or admins, simplifying the setup and community management.

Event builder

An intuitive interface to set up your event’s web app, website, sessions, exhibitors, products and other digital components, all managed in one place and updated in real-time.


Save production time with one intuitive platform and deliver a fully-connected attendee experience, available as a mobile app on iOS and Android and accessible via desktop or mobile browser.

Tailor event content by creating attendee groups and segmenting access to sessions, documents, networking, and more.

Branded web & mobile app

Add your logo, colors, background images, fonts, and the option to customize the URL and email sender to fully white label the platform with your brand.

Embed relevant content such as the event’s agenda, speakers, floor map, product directory or exhibitor list, and keep it all up-to-date on your site.

Drive registrations by allowing your target audience to preview an event as a guest and making it discoverable publicly via SEO.


Build event registration in a matter of minutes, without coding or 3rd party integrations.

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Attract attendees and maximize turnout with customizable emails and targeted mobile app notifications.

Access a wealth of live data to help analyze and improve events including session data, networking, and attendee engagement; control what data sponsors or exhibitors can access.

Swapcard supports over 30 languages and all global timezones, helping you run events anywhere in the world.

Easily add a large number of speakers to your event via Swapcard’s registration system. You can also accept speaker or participant abstract submissions.

Further customize sessions, items, exhibitors, or people profiles with personalized fields for preferences, interests, or any other valuable information to be categorized within the event app.

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Onsite Production

Partner with our experts who will strategize, plan, and completely build registration experiences tailored to all event sizes, complexities, and support needed.

Our professional services team will provide hardware for attendees to print their badges by scanning a QR code.

Track and control access to sessions at in-person events with our built-in badge scanning app, SwapAccess.

Leave any audiovisual needs to our experts who will help support recording, streaming, captioning, video editing, and much more.

Leverage a personalized full-service online or onsite support team for all event logistics and hardware needs.

Session AV Production

Broadcast live sessions directly with Swapcard Streaming or choose to connect with your preferred streaming software and video platform like Youtube, Vimeo, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and many more.

Watch Swapcard On episode

Reach a wider audience by making your event sessions or roundtables available on-demand after the event date.

Stream pre-recorded videos with the option to make them look like live streams at the desired time.

Interact with your audience and hold moderated discussions about topics of interest over video or audio-only.

Invite speakers to a waiting room, manage video production in real-time, and stream live sessions, without additional providers.

Private & limited sessions

Monetize your event by creating tailored sessions that are only accessible to select attendee or exhibitor groups. You can also set a maximum # of attendees per session.

Make your event more inclusive and attract wider audiences with auto-generated captions on your streams.


Seamlessly connect Swapcard’s platform with over 35 registration tools to import attendees, exhibitors, or speakers.

Enrich your event content and interactivity by embedding an external webpage, such as a photobooth, social media sharing wall, or gamification tool.

Connect Swapcard with 3rd party tools such as CRMs, marketing automation software (like Hubspot), and many more through Zapier.

Need even more flexibility? Tailor the platform to your needs by requesting custom integrations or leveraging our open APIs to automate content management or extract analytics.


Attendee Networking

Live discussions

Allow attendees to interact with you, speakers, exhibitors or each other via public chats, direct messages, emoji reactions, and more during sessions.

Attendees can search relevant profiles and use smart filters to find the right people and request connections.

Allow attendees to interact with you, speakers, exhibitors or each other via public chats, direct messages, emoji reactions, and more during sessions.

Facilitate meaningful networking providing similar matches and recommended connections to attendees, with additional explanations to help break the ice and start conversations.

Attendees can communicate with connections via individual chats or instant calls in the Swapcard web or mobile app.

Attendees can create meetings via video, audio-only, or in-person with up to 20 participants.

Attendees can add tags, notes and score contacts they connect with to make future interactions more relevant.

Group discussions

Create multiple group discussions on the event home page with full control over which attendee or exhibitor groups can view them.

Audience Engagement

Provide a central hub for attendees to find their meeting and session schedule, item wishlist, connections made, bookmarked exhibitors, favorite videos, and more.

Instantly engage attendees to answer quizzes, polls, send questions, or upvote them in real time.

Spark conversations between organizers, exhibitors, and attendees by sharing posts and articles organized by feed channels.

Empower attendees to make the most of in-person events providing all key information via mobile browser, iOS, and Android devices, while enjoying the same smooth experience available on desktop.

Our AI recommends exhibitors to meet, sessions to attend, and products to discover, making the event more personalized and relevant. It also includes explanations for added insights on each recommendation.

Make your events more inclusive on the web with our AI-powered widget, complying with the W.C.A.G accessibility benchmark and US regulations from ADA.

Watch Swapcard On Episode

Help attendees quickly find their way to areas of interest, whether a session, meeting or exhibitor booth.

Schedule notifications on mobile or web app to promote key sessions, sponsors or any changes that come up.

Get event feedback with instant session ratings or a feedback form embedded in post-event email templates.



One community can house multiple events so that finding attendees and managing events is easy and scalable.

Broaden your reach with a year-round on-demand content library.

Drive meaningful conversations with past event attendees and community members by posting, reacting, and commenting, all organized per channel.

All AI-powered networking features are available to community members year-round so that you can keep them engaged.

A dedicated page where organizers, partners, or companies can display their products or services so community members can browse and add them to their wishlist all year long.

Give exhibitors even more visibility with a unified list where members can find valuable companies to meet and chat with.


Exhibitors & Sponsorship

A dedicated space for your teams, partners, or sponsors to showcase their products or services and directly chat with attendees. Access to features can be restricted per group or specific exhibitor, allowing further possibilities to monetize premium booth functionalities.

Control exhibitor's access to specific networking functionalities, such as meeting slots, to increase upsells of premium sponsorship packages.

Generate attendee recommendations to find exhibitors that best match attendee profiles, facilitating buyer-seller connections powered by AI.

Promote a dedicated page where sponsors or exhibitors can display products and services for attendees to browse and wishlist.

Highlight your brand, partners, or exhibitors in ad spaces targeted to specific participant groups, available on desktop and mobile.

Improve exhibitor visibility by sending sponsored and targeted notifications to attendees.

Set up sponsored sessions and content to increase exhibitor presence and better monetize their event.

Lead Management

Offer a dedicated portal for exhibitors to independently manage their presence, leads, reports, allowing them to maximize return on investment.

Give exhibitors several ways to generate leads and find prospective clients directly or by proactively connecting, meeting, and starting conversations with an attendee.

Capture attendee information onsite with badge and business card scanning via the mobile app, plus virtual booth visits through the web app.

Enable organizers, exhibitors, and partners to easily qualify and quickly export leads on the go via Excel or CRM integrations.

Share lead analytics about meetings, connections, ads, and document downloads, with the option to monetize access per exhibitor.

Ticket Sales

Have the flexibility to sell tickets at different price points for the same event and tailor the attendee experience per ticket type or registration group.

Support promotional discounts to achieve your ticket sales goals and reach a wider audience.

Swapcard registration offers flexible options for payment processing of ticket sales with Payflow Pro, Braintree, Cybersource, and Stripe.