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Great for meet-ups
Free /year*
Up to 250 attendees & 10 exhibitors/year
One Community
No Branding
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Great for internal events and mid-size conferences
Special Offer
Up to 5000 attendees & up to 50 exhibitors/year
One Community
Limited Branding
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Great for large conferences and tradeshows
Most Popular
Unlimited attendees & exhibitors available
One Community
Custom Branded Platform
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Great for companies with multiple events and divisions
Unlimited attendees & exhibitors available
Unlimited Communities
Whitelabel Platform
VIP Support & SLA
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*Prices may vary based on the volume of attendees, the level of project management + support, white-label services, and registration package.

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Up to 5,000/year
Unlimited attendees
Unlimited attendees
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Extra Exhibitors (Add-on)
Limit of 50 exhibitors
Unlimited exhibitors
Unlimited exhibitors

Looking for registration? We’ve got that too!

Our customizable platform gives you the flexibility to create the ideal registration solution to fit your event needs. Our Professional Services team is available to provide any additional support.

Available upgrades:

Advanced Attendee Registration

Exhibitor & Sponsor Management

Speaker & Proposal Management

Onsite Servers & Event Equipment

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Get your events up and running in days, rather than weeks, with Swapcard's Professional Services team

Highly secure and scalable

Our platform and processes will comply with your security requirements while also handling huge surges and large volumes of attendees.

Customizable and trustworthy

Our event technology solution is highly customizable and includes critical integrations that adapt to your event requirements. With 24/7 online support and experienced Professional Services team, our team is always ready to help.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do Swapcard’s subscriptions work?

Our fee is scalable and based on two components: (i) an annual license fee to use the software to run your events and manage your community that is based on your technological requirements and support, and (ii) a price based on the volume of attendees and exhibitors attending your events during the term of your subscription.

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How does the Free Plan work?

Swapcard is free to use for events with up to 250 attendees per year. Sign up for Swapcard to access the Free Plan. You can run as many events as you like - in-person, hybrid, or virtual, for a maximum of 250 registered attendees for one year.

If I don’t organize events, can I still use Swapcard for free to manage my community?

Swapcard is free for you to create and manage any community, even if you don’t use our features to run events. We don’t limit you in the number of seats, the volume of your members, interactions, or data you are storing. Simply sign up for Swapcard's Free Plan and launch your community.

Can I add more attendees to my subscription at any time?

In case your usage of attendees or exhibitors is reaching your limit, a package of extra attendees or exhibitors can be purchased under each plan. Extra attendees can be used only during the term of your subscription, and any unused credit at the end of your term will be terminated. Please note that you cannot purchase more than 5,000 attendees under the Starter Plan. Reach out to your account manager to purchase more attendees.

What happens if I exceed the number of attendees I have under my plan?

If you exceed the volume of attendees that you have purchased, we will automatically increase your platform limit and bill you that extra volume of attendees at the same unit price with an overage fee. However, if you exceed the limit of 5,000 attendees under the Starter Plan, we will automatically upgrade your license to a Professional license.

What if my event needs change and I need to upgrade or downgrade?

You can upgrade your plan and purchase more attendees or exhibitors at any time. If you want to downgrade your plan, you will have to wait until the end of your subscription term. Make sure to speak with your account manager at least 90 days before we auto-renew your subscription to adapt it to your needs.

Do you offer a price per event?

Our plans are all annual subscriptions. We don't offer a price per event. The annual subscription remains the same whether you choose to run a single event or multiple events using our platform.

Can I pay for your software on a monthly basis, or do I have to pay for an annual subscription?

We don’t offer a monthly subscription. All plans are annual subscriptions with net 30 days payments.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes, you can terminate your subscription at any time from your account settings, but you cannot cancel it. You must terminate your subscription at least 90 days before the expiration date of your subscription. If you terminate your subscription, you will continue to have access to our software until the end of your current billing cycle. After that, your account will be deactivated and you will no longer have access to our software.

Do you offer custom pricing for enterprise customers?

Yes, we offer custom pricing for enterprise customers. Please contact our sales team to discuss your specific business needs and we will provide a custom quote.

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Does Swapcard offer discounts for nonprofits?

Swapcard offers free and discounted use of our platform if you are an eligible NGO or nonprofit organization. While we are avid supporters of the fight against climate change, we welcome organizations with an array of missions for a better world.

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Can you explain the branding options you offer under each plan?

Under the Free and Starter Plan, you will be using the Swapcard container web platform and mobile app. This means you can brand your events using your own logo, menu, banner, and so on within the platform, but Swapcard’s branding will also be present. Under the Professional plan, only minor Swapcard branding will be present. The platform will be branded with your company name and include additional branding capacities. Under the Enterprise plan, your platform will not have any Swapcard branding and will be fully customizable with advanced branding capacities,

Will my data be private and safe?

We are a SOC 2 certified company. Your privacy is paramount to us. It's your brand, your audience, your data. You own and can edit the data. Your data is also secured and encrypted. Please read our data pledge that covers how we treat your data and our Security page to understand the security measures we have implemented to protect your data.

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Increase networking opportunities with our AI

Build a year-round branded experience that promotes your events with our community solution

Boost engagement between events

Collect meaningful data from multiple touchpoints

Trusted by 4,000+ leading companies, conferences & exhibitions

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Are you an NGO or nonprofit organization?

As an active member of the events community, Swapcard recognizes the urgency to provide a stronger platform to those helping bring about a more sustainable and brighter future.

Apply for Discounted Pricing*
*Discounts are based on eligibility. NGOs and nonprofit organizations should be registered in their respective country to be considered.