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Who owns the data?

Let’s get one thing straight: Swapcard does not own any of these sets of data. They belong either to the organizer or to the participants.

The content data is the organizer's property and the profile data is the participant’s property.

Even if the profile data doesn’t belong to the organizer per se, each organizer has access to these sets of data and can export them freely from the platform, without any costs. Participants, when registering for your event and logging into the platform, are allowing Swapcard to share the profile data with you.

What is Swapcard allowed to do with the data?

Swapcard uses data for two purposes only: for the purpose of the events and to power communities so participants can continue interacting all year long.

Swapcard is forbidden to share the data, sell it or run ads on the platform. Swapcard is not in the business of selling data or organizing events. We are a technology engagement platform.

Swapcard offers the most accurate and seamless AI system in the events industry today. To achieve this, there are specific ways in which we need to handle and process data.

What is Swapcard's role?

Where personal data is concerned, Swapcard sticks to the GDPR principles and to the obligations attached to the roles of controller or processor as defined by the regulation.

Swapcard acts as a processor of the organizer’s content data. Swapcard follows the organizer’s instructions and can proceed to the deletion of the content data at the organizer’s request.

When it comes to profile data, Swapcard acts as the controller and has implemented a privacy policy that each participant must accept before logging in. This privacy policy allows the participant to export, modify and delete their data at any time. A participant can even independently delete their own account from the platform.

We even go a step further: if a participant does not log into the platform for a consecutive span of three years, the account is automatically deleted.

A participant-centric approach

Every participant using Swapcard has the same account across all events, no matter if it’s on a white-label platform or not. But each event has a separate environment and a separate set of participant data.

Swapcard is forbidden to share the data, sell it or run ads on the platform. Swapcard is not in the business of selling data or organizing events. We are a technology engagement platform.

When a participant deletes their account, the profile data related to the account is automatically deleted and the participant will no longer be able to log into the platform. This action is irreversible and all the connections that were made by the participant on the platform, will be lost. As it has a direct impact on their personal data, the participant is the only one with the power to delete their own account. This is why an organizer cannot request the deletion of the participant’s account without showing evidence that the participant expressly requested it.

Is data shared between different organizers on Swapcard?

Swapcard uses these sets of data solely for the purpose of events. It’s intended for the organizer, their participants and no one else.

In Swapcard events are private within the platform. Organizers have access to all the events in their own community/brand, but data is never shared with any other, external organizers using the Swapcard platform.

What happens in between events?

At the end of one event, the organizer may decide to remove the content data from the platform or decide to make content available on-demand for their participants to enjoy once the event is over. This is a key feature – but still optional – that enables organizers to keep their participants engaged between events. The same goes for profile data: at the end of the event, the participants can decide to either delete their account or keep it active to retrieve past events or attend future events.

Here’s how Swapcard’s artificial intelligence
works with the data we treat

Swapcard uses artificial intelligence to provide matchmaking features and content suggestions to participants.

When users log into the platform and fill in their profiles with job titles, interests, and professional experience, the AI system sets them up with people and content they might enjoy. When users browse the platform, register to watch sessions, visit exhibitors booths and browse products and services in the marketplace, the AI system learns how to suggest accurate content that they might be interested in.

Anonymized data is used to train AI

Don’t worry: only anonymized data, or data that cannot be linked to an identifiable person, is used to train our machine learning model and propose the best participant experience. Our system uses anonymized data to feed our AI model from all events but because the data is anonymized, there is no way to for recommendations to pop up across different communities and events.Text link

Swapcard also builds statistical reports and analyses based on the content and profile data

These reports and analyses are shared only with the organizer of said event and are very useful in understanding the macro behavioral trends of their events. Swapcard’s reporting can help organizers make better decisions for future events.Text link

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