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These international conferences increased interactions among attendees and boosted engagement.
How Hello Tomorrow increased engagement in 100% of its sessions
connections made through the event app
attendees created their own schedule
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How APIDays executed the first GDPR-compliant event and used it as a competitive advantage
Find out how career fairs used our matchmaking platform to connect talents, recruiters and employers.
How WITness Success engaged and connected leading women in tech and Salesforce experts.
Learn how AIESEC Mexico connected students, NGOs and associations from all over Latin America.

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These leading exhibitions have digitalized their shows, while improving the ROI of their exhibitors and increasing their revenues.
The Dubai World Trade Centre managed 2 simultaneous events and gave power back to its exhibitors
badges scanned
meetings confirmed on the app
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They successfully leverage digital at their trade shows

How to turn a live musical show into an impactful virtual gathering
Transitioning from in-person to fully online trade shows - using our platform and human expertise
How Who's Next matches its buyers and brands during its six trade shows and fosters interactions throughout the year.
How Salon des Entrepreneurs connects the French entrepreneurs of tomorrow during its four editions since 2014.
Trustech is the leading digital trust technologies meeting where 300 exhibitors can connect during conferences.
Find out how the FIC, the international forum for cybersecurity, reached a 93% engagement rate at its last event.
Laval Virtual used event tech to elevate its virtual and augmented reality trade show
Viva Technology increased the satisfaction and ROI of 92% of its exhibitors.

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These brands have been successful in fostering collaboration and interaction among employees before, during and after corporate events.
How Lengow engaged and connected partners with clients at its annual event
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These organisations facilitated the discovery of the program, in-person interactions between participants and scientific collaborations.
How IMCAS boosted its internal e-learning platform using the Swapcard event app
number of attendees
number of sessions
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