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What is the Future of Content Creation in the Trade Show Industry?

June 21

12:30 PM EDT

In this month’s edition of Expo Experts Explain, it’s a two-for-one special! You’ll meet two experts in content creation: IAEE’s Marsha Flanagan and HIMSS’ Elizabeth George. Marsha is an association professional with 20+ years of experience in conferences and trade shows, while Elizabeth is a major advocate for the events and exhibitions industry. You won’t want to miss this intimate conversation discussing the future of content creation in the trade show industry!

Swapcard Events

8 Tips for Turning Trade Show Content into Marketing Gold

On Demand

Never let your audience forget the impact of your trade show! Learn how to give your trade show content a new life.

Swapcard Events

Sustainability with Informa’s Liz Bothwell

On Demand

You’re invited to participate in discussions shaping the future of the exhibition industry about relevant and trending topics like sustainability, content creation, event tech, new business models, and much more. Stand out from the crowd and lead by example by applying innovative strategies to your own events.

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