Hybrid Events

Hybrid events made easy

Maximize attendance. Anytime, anywhere.

Combine the meaningful interactions of an in-person event with the international reach and scalability of a virtual event.

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Swapcard has powered over 7,000 events

Hybrid event registration simplifies access for virtual and onsite attendees

Digital, in-app registration for your online audience

Contactless, safe, and easy event registration for in-person events

Our team of experts handle your onsite logistics

Leverage Swapcard’s services team to handle your onsite event experience

Exhibitor platform walkthroughs

Onsite exhibitor & attendee customer service desk

Onsite staff available to support registration, session scanning, audience tracking, and lead retrieval

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Swapcard makes hybrid events as easy as 1, 2, 3

Step 1: Plan

Let your audience plan their personal schedule before the event begins

Before your Event

Online registration & payment

Meeting planner

AI-powered matchmaking suggestions

Step 2: Connect

Make sure both at-home and onsite visitors feel engaged

During your Event

Online video calls & onsite meetings

Live stream your content

Session Q&A for both audiences

Step 3: Sustain

Engagement doesn’t need to end after your event

After your Event

Video & messaging networking tools

Newsfeed for your community to interact

On-demand content library for 24/7 engagement

Create smarter hybrid events with Swapcard

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Create ongoing brand awareness between events with our hybrid solution

Track the entire customer journey across all your hybrid events in one branded platform

Use behavioral data to sell more targeted sponsorships

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Hybrid is Now downloadable ebook, an event guide for hybrid events

Discover how to successfully go hybrid

Research-based insight into the future of the industry.

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