Create the perfect registration experience for your events


Generate a complete attendee profile with customizable fields


Set up tiered ticketing and registration types

Payment Processing

Simplify and enable online payments within the platform

Session Scanning

Use SwapAccess to control session attendance and access

Lead Retrieval

Exhibitors capture qualified leads in real time and turn prospects into customers

Data and Analytics

Capture actionable data throughout the customer journey

End-to-end registration for all your events, from the simple to the complex

Embedded Registration

Accessible from the Studio for simple events. Set your free tickets and unique registration form at the touch of a button!

Simple Registration

Level up registration with conditional questions, multi-form creation, and ticket payments.

Advanced Registration

Enhance your audience journey through badge printing as well as digital entrance and session scanning.

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Save time and generate revenue with additional registration modules

Exhibitor & Sponsor Add-ons

Booth selection

Sponsor packages

Staff management

Speaker & Session Add-ons

Control session access

Accreditation and certificates

Speaker management

Compare registration plans & features

Download Overview

Enhance your onsite and check-in experience with a dedicated local team, no matter where you are

The collective expertise of our Professional Services team will provide strategic planning and onsite implementation to ensure your event is a success.

We provide hardware based on the size of your event and dropship to your location.

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We’ll help you determine the best registration plan for your event!

“Truly part of our team in every sense of the word.”

We’ve partnered with Avolio/Swapcard for over 15 years as we’ve grown our business and they’ve proven time and again that they’re able to support whatever is needed from a technical or an operational standpoint.

Whitney O'Neill | (she/her)

Head of Platform Operations & Support
Global Services: Events & Marketing Platforms, Informa