Analytics & Data Reporting

Run data-driven events and accelerate your business growth

Capture all your information in one place, identify marketing signals, and unlock real business insights to improve your event outcomes.

“It was important for us to remove data silos and get a real-time view on all our customer data - and we were able to with Swapcard."

Patrick Woelke

VP of Digital at Koelnmesse GmbH

See how GDC captured key touchpoints to optimize their attendees’ experience.

Turn your data into actionable insights

Capture all your key metrics within one powerful platform

Registration - Demographic data

Engagement - Behavorial data

Sponsors - Lead generation data

Access Control - Onsite data

Leverage data even further with apps & integrations

Create a unified experience across all your events

Single view of the audience journey

Capture every datapoint across multiple events to get a complete 360° view of audience engagement.

Personalize every brand interaction with AI

Our AI analyzes interactions across all your audience’s events to tailor their experience.

Create a custom and consistent experience

Use data to create custom, personalized, and consistent brand experiences based on your audience preferences.

Visualize and understand your event analytics in a centralized dashboard

Unified dashboard to access robust event analytics

Full integrations with popular marketing tools

Capture marketing intent across all events

Understand your sponsors’ ROI in detail

Collect relevant data to generate higher revenue

Demographic, behavioral, and lead generation information

How Swapcard treats & manages your data

Full ownership of your data

Swapcard onsite services provide 24/7 customer support, onsite registration, and A/V production.

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Your data is secure

We are SOC2 and GDPR compliant, so you never have to worry about security.

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Free API, unlimited calls

Use one API to push and pull demographic, behavorial, and analytics data across all your events. It’s free and unlimited.

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