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Smarter in-person events, made easy

Swapcard's smart event technology allows seamless integrations with industry-leading CRM systems and event solutions to optimize your event.

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Swapcard has powered over 7,000 events
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Personalize the attendee journey with our smart event AI solution

Customize your attendee event experience

Increase attendee networking opportunities with Swapcard's AI-powered networking solution

Track attendee preferences to generate session suggestions

Guide attendees from point to point with our live interactive floor plan for easy wayfinding

Discover Swapcard's AI solution

Deliver more high-quality leads to your sponsors

Swapcard's tools help qualify and rank leads for your sponsors & exhibitors

See how lead capture works

Provide sales-qualified leads with our smart AI-powered networking solution

Maximize sponsor visibility via automatic ads, notifications, and digital booths

Help sponsors track ROI in real-time directly in the app

Collect & leverage data to boost ROI for your business

Integrate our platform with your marketing tools and access your real-time data at any time and from any place

Capture onsite audience session data and booth interest using interactive, geolocated heatmaps

Track the entire attendee journey and analyze behavioral data

Provide sponsors with not just data but also with context about their leads, to ensure recurring sponsorships

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Seamless in-person services & features

Onsite Support

Swapcard onsite services provide 24/7 customer support, onsite registration, and A/V production.

Access Control

SwapAccess is your hybrid tool for session access control, credit tracking, and instant reporting.


Your Swapcard Go box is delivered with all the necessary hardware and supplies for your event.

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