Keeping International Cybersecurity Forum Attendees Connected and Secure

“Our challenge overall was how to communicate to our 380 partners, but also to animate the entire ecosystem. Our audience is very tech-savvy.”

Quentin Viltet

Quentin Viltet

Head of Partnership, CEIS (FIC Organizer)

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The International Cybersecurity Forum (FIC) is the leading event on digital security and trust.

Sponsors, exhibitors, attendees, and organizers; when there are thousands of participants at an event, how do you keep everyone connected and engaged? The International Cybersecurity Forum had to upgrade from their previous event app and choose a more intuitive solution.

The event needed an app to help participants organize their time and make sure attendees were meeting the right people. They also needed a tool that was secure, a pillar component of their event. With Swapcard, FIC found a solution that checked all the boxes.


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The Challenges

🔒 Ensuring Sensitive Information is Secure

FIC required a product that wouldn't jeopardize security and would comply with data regulations.

💫 Unite their Event Community

FIC's previous event app was outdated, offered few features, and didn't encourage networking and communication.

The Results

📆 Attendees Felt Prepared Pre-Event

Participants saved time pre-event, while they discovered new prospects, connected with current clients, and easily booked meetings.

🎨 Swapcard’s Solution Reflected FIC’s Brand

An innovative tool to engage FIC’s technology-focused community, ensuring the platform was secure and data privacy was respected.

Quentin Viltet

“We discovered Swapcard via other events including VivaTech and Eurosatory and at other shows related to security and defense. It was also very intuitive, so it seemed to us like a pretty obvious choice.”

Quentin Viltet

Head of Partnership, CEIS (FIC Organizer)

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