Artificial Intelligence

Targeted marketing with our AI technology

Powerful AI technology learns usage preferences and leverages each participant's profile to deliver best-in-class networking and event experience.


Attendees made a connection
from AI recommendations*


Attendees registered for
AI-recommended sessions*

Our AI creates a customized user journey

Session suggestions

Smart matchmaking

Easy networking

Sponsor matches

Qualified leads

Product recommendations

This user interface is a work-in-progress, but a refreshed look is on the way!

Create a customized user journey with AI

Make sure attendees have a tailored experience with personalized matches that can be switched on and off as you wish.

The more you use the app, the more relevant your recommendations will be!

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Session Suggestions

Sponsor Matches

Product Recommendations

Easy Networking

How does AI make a difference for your event?

With this advanced AI, you will help people meet the right individuals, attend the best sessions, and connect sponsors with ideal customers easier than ever.

That's because Swapcard invested years to develop a sophisticated artificial intelligence with the sole mission of helping you create meaningful connections and year-round communities without borders.

Put AI to work for your next event!

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