Sponsors & Lead Generation

Maximize lead generation for sponsors and exhibitors

Increase ROI opportunities with customized lead capture, and enable exhibitors to pre-qualify leads and nurture lasting relationships.

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Increase the number of qualified meetings at your event by 20%

Smart technology to optimize time and discover valuable matches

Increase the number of qualified meetings by 20% during your event

Swapcard’s AI-powered algorithm reduces the tedious pre-event discovery phase and helps sponsors and exhibitors find qualified customers prior to event days.

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Drive targeted traffic to exhibitor booths - both onsite & online

Generate new opportunities by filtering and grouping attendees by interest, ticket type and behavior.

Send targeted sponsor emails

Create individual splash pages

Display relevant ads

Brand online booths

Sponsor workshops and sessions

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Build relationships & watch revenue grow year-after-year

Before your event

AI matches attendees with relevant exhibitors, sponsors, products and sessions.

During your event

Direct message ideal matches, schedule 1:1 meetings, send targeted emails, sponsor push notifications, get immersed in event experience.

After your event

Immediately access reporting and follow-up with qualified leads so that no opportunities are lost.

Until next event

Nurture your leads outside of event days to cultivate deeper relationships and keep leads engaged with your business.

Our intuitive lead capture solution ensures no opportunity slips through the cracks

Boost exhibitor revenue and increase client retention

Scan and store leads with our event mobile app

Qualify leads in real time

Make follow-up easier than ever with CRM integrations

graphical user interface, application

Real-time data provides a holistic view on the status of the show

Easily identify the source of each lead

Measure lead quality based on exhibitor customer profiles

Track the progress of exhibitor revenue through live dashboards

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Accelerate revenue generation for your business with Swapcard’s technology!

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