Community Builder

Grow your events into a community around your brand

With a community, you can create multiple touchpoints with your audience all year long while extending the lifespan of your events.

All plans include all community features and unlimited members

Community helps build relationships and grow revenue year after year


Create an accessible community anyone can join to interact with your content and network with each other


Run webinars and roundtables, post to the newsfeed, and organize group discussions throughout the year


Sell sponsored webinars, posts, emails, and notifications or offer subscriptions to your members


Track revenue and analyze member interactions to convert them into attendees for your next event

One platform, endless possibilities

Replace multiple integrations with one streamlined way to host and manage your event community.

Unify and elevate your brand strategy across all your events using one platform

Effortlessly host events and sessions of any size or format within your community

Stay in contact with your audience year-round to ensure they’re aware of and engaged with new events and updates

Build an on-demand library using content from your events

Events are no longer just a single interaction at one point in time.

Turn your event sessions into a year-round, easily accessible educational portal

Open your content to all and capture an entirely new audience

Create a marketplace for exhibitors' products and releases to engage your audience until your next event

Create word of mouth around your brand

Your attendees are your best ambassadors.
Give your community a voice and they’ll advocate for you!

A social media-style newsfeed that allows community members to share their news and updates

Customizable forum and chat options for larger group discussions

Roundtables and networking to encourage connections

A single place for your audience to meet and connect, all year round

Join a global community of event disrupters.

Connect with industry experts, learn from exclusive content, and grow with expert tips and tools.

Monetize your online audience & collect actionable data

Year-round opportunities

Allow exhibitors the opportunity to sponsor a variety of activities, stretching engagement and touch points throughout the year.

Drive regular engagement

Keep engagement levels up and generate leads by hosting sponsored webinars in-between events.

Track it all in one place

No matter how many events you run or what format they take, you can quickly and easily track all interactions in one handy place.