Professional Services

Bring your events to life with our team's support & expertise

More than a service provider, Swapcard is a partner in your success. We bring over a decade of industry experience in services & support to help you deliver unforgettable events.

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Using Swapcard, The Meeting Show was able to generate:


Contacts made via Swapcard’s app


Interactive floor plan visits

Swapcard's team of experts provides strategic planning and implementation for every aspect of your events

Check-in kiosk design
Help desk staffing
Lead Capture
Onsite servers
Technical services
Developer support

Get your events up and running in days, rather than weeks, with Swapcard's Professional Services team

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Complete platform buildout & custom development

From start to finish, we'll not only create the ideal setup and build your entire event in Swapcard, but our engineering team can build custom data integrations to tie into your existing systems.

Comprehensive configuration & program support

From general event design to exhibitor onboarding to vendor project management, Swapcard’s team will support you every step of the way.

Keep your events running smoothly with onsite support staff

The Swapcard support team is available onsite to manage your entire process from registration, check-in, and badging to wayfinding, session attendance, and access control

We handle all attendee questions about usage of the platform

Our team will train your exhibitors onsite so they’re fully prepared to generate more qualified leads during the event

We provide online support before and during your event in all regions of the world to ensure you have coverage, regardless of where your audience is logging in.

Clients trust us to relieve their workload & reduce stress


Events we’ve supported worldwide

11+ million

Attendees we’ve brought together

16+ million

Connections we’ve facilitated on our platform


We achieve a consistent SLA score of over 95%


We attain an annual CSAT score of over 85%

A thorough review of your event analytics to understand every aspect & improve your next edition

Understand your events

Review project management and engagement of your events with our analytics team.

Improve your strategy

We'll show you what worked well and what to improve to increase engagement.

Stay on top of reporting

Our team can create business intelligence reports to help you build smarter events year after year.

Full support throughout the lifecycle of your event

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Before your event

Set up programs and sessions with payment processing, sync with CRM

After your event

Review your check-in reports, analyze onsite data trends, and use the reporting to extrapolate your next event’s needs

During your event

Support staff available on-site and online to manage attendee inquiries, train sponsors and exhibitors, and manage registration/check-in

Create smarter events with Swapcard

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