Networking & Engagement

Connect with the right people, faster

Match attendees, products, and exhibitors in just a few clicks.

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Increase the number of qualified meetings at your event by 20%

Create meaningful connections by using AI to suggest relevant people, content, and exhibitors based on preferences.

Optimize time at events by letting participants plan ahead and network beforehand.

Deliver a greater ROI for every attendee, exhibitor, and sponsor that participates in your event.

Enable attendees & exhibitors to schedule meetings before and during your events

Set matchmaking rules for participants

Decide who can book meetings with whom and whether exhibitors can reach out to attendees, vice versa, or both.

Request and schedule onsite meetings

Make it easy for users to schedule onsite meetings via the mobile app. Updates to meeting times, dates, or locations instantly notify all participants.

Reduce no-shows with automated reminders

Participants receive an automated reminder 10 minutes before each meeting. Meetings can be synced with participants’ calendars.

Measure and track ROI for Sponsors

Quantify (and qualify) engagement efforts

Measure app adoption, social engagement, top-performing speakers, and connections made.

Understand your sponsors’ ROI in detail

Monitor booth traffic, lead generation, and lead quality to evaluate exhibitor success.

Get instant feedback

Session ratings give you immediate insight into attendee satisfaction.

Keep everyone engaged, anytime and everywhere

Create a single place for your audience to meet and connect, all year round.

Repurpose content from events and build an accessible, on-demand library.

Give your community a voice by creating spaces for conversation and advocacy.

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Create meaningful encounters

"Effective event networking platform that is also easy to use."

In the past, our adoption rate was about 15%, and with Swapcard, we jumped to a 75% adoption rate. Also, as a staff member for the event, I loved the easy-to-use backend of the platform that quickly integrated into our systems.

Kevin C. S.

Senior Marketing Manager

“Really great platform and app!”

...the meeting scheduling is the biggest advantage for us. In the past we arranged meetings for our clients manually which was very time consuming. Attendees can now scroll through the attendee list and request meetings with one click.

Alexandra B.

Global Events Lead
Enterprise(> 1000 emp.)