Evolve is a virtual event planner platform and community built by Swapcard for like-minded event professionals to share best practices, swap success stories, get exclusive access to industry insights, find resources, attend meetups, and more.

Swapcard's product team worked quickly to adapt the platform to virtual events. Brand new features were released up until the morning of Evolve 2020, and the platform was constantly being updated to become virtual event-ready.

Short deadlines seems to be the theme of Evolve, because there were only about 45 days from conception to execution of the idea. The Evolve journey has been a valuable learning curve.

The most important lessons learned will be used to improve the Swapcard product and anticipate clients' needs to help them run even more successful virtual events. The Evolve team from Swapcard is proud to say that they've walked a mile in event organizers' shoes and know what it's like firsthand to plan and execute a virtual event.


registered users active on the platform


event professionals


conversations shared between attendees


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Session at evolve virtual event

The Challenges

🤩 Audience Engagement

Finding a way to engage attendees and encouraging them to interact with speakers and each other.

⚙️ Content Management

Choosing the best content and using our virtual stage for speakers to share their knowledge and advice.

The Results

🎥 Live and Pre-Recorded Sessions

Easy access to live and pre-recorded sessions while sticking to the program with autoplay.

💬 Live Discussion

Live discussions during sessions with Q&A and polls to engage with other attendees and speakers.

Watch a recap

Martell Fox

“We created Evolve only 45 days before its launch and the results were way beyond our expectations! We had never organized our own event before, so our learning curve was a tough one. We expected to gather 1,000 people and ended up with 4,000 active attendees.”

Martell Fox

Event Director, Evolve

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