How Step Conference Used Swapcard to Offer Their Attendees a Dynamic and Personalized Event Experience

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The Challenges

One platform with a custom program for different ticket types
Step Conference offered programming that depended on the type of ticket the attendee purchased. Step needed to present a different program for each ticket type in the same event app.
A 360-event experience with uninterrupted networking and possibilities to connect
They needed one solution for two events that would maintain the attendee networking experience and keep their participants engaged before, during, between and after the events.
We chose to work with Swapcard this year because of the flexibility in editing and updating the app. People connect with each other, they easily find their agenda, this is all part of the event experience.

Haifa Yassine

Product manager, STEP (Organizer)
For us it was about being visible and being able to connect with other attendees working in the data and analytics field.

Chandni Soni

Business Developer, ALTERYX (Exhibitor)
I wanted to know more about other industries, other technologies, to see how they could influence my own company.

Mantas Gudauskas

Head of Design, DELFI (Exhibitor)

The Numbers

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the average number of bookmarked sessions per attendee
messages sent

One event application for a multi-date conference

Once a series of small gatherings and workshops, the Step organization is now the largest experiential tech festival in the Middle East: a collection of showcasing startups, digital enthusiasts, government entities and entrepreneurs. To engage their tech-savvy and mobile-first audience, Step sought an event app that was both intuitive, responsive and user-friendly.

Solutions Delivered

A custom program based on ticket type
Swapcard was able to show only the sessions relevant to the ticket holder in the event program. The organizer could set a quota of how many people could register to each session and update these parameters with ease.
One platform for several events
The organizer could streamline planning processes by using one app across events. Participants who were at the first event would already have the app and their connections ready to go for the second one.
Increased networking & engagement
The experience continuously improved as AI adapted to their behaviour and provided them with better, more personalized matches.
Our challenge was to manage different types of sessions, so it was interesting to be able to control what attendees could access based on the person's ticket type. It was also very nice to have one app for all our events.

Haifa Yassine

Product manager, STEP (organizer)
I could exchange contacts in a very, very easy way. We have exchanged a couple of details with a simple scan and hopefully we'll stay in touch. It's incredibly easy to use and very useful. It's a cool app I must say!

Malik AL Shaykh

Journalist (speaker)

With Swapcard, Step Conference was able to host a personalized event that reflected each attendee's personal experience.

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