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Event App & Matchmaking, Powered by AI
Event App & Matchmaking
Powered by AI
$7 or less/attendee

Top features:

Attendee meetings with AI

Smart Schedule & Widgets

Exhibitors & sponsors list

Push notifications

Attendee Video Calls

Live streams

Dedicated support

Registration Sync & API

Polls & Surveys

Real-time analytics

Exhibitor Services

Exhibitor center and meetings


Lead Capture

$110 /exhibitor

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Frequently asked questions:

Creating Your Event App

What are the benefits of using an event app?
What makes Swapcard different from other event apps?
How do I build my app? How long does it take?
How do I test the platform on my own?

Managing Your Event

How do I instantly import content to my event?
How do I create my event program?
How do I import my exhibitors?
How do the event widgets work?
How do I invite my attendees to access my event?
How do I send push notifications?
Swapcard is offered in which languages?

Meeting Manager

How does Swapcard’s meeting manager work?
How do I manage and set-up meetings?
How do I add the meeting manager to my event?

Lead Retrieval

How does Swapcard’s lead retrieval system work?
How do I invite my exhibitors to use the lead retrieval feature?
How do I add lead retrieval to my event?


What type of support do you offer?
What are your support hours?
What if I want someone onsite at my event?
How do I contact support?

Security & Privacy

Where are your data centers hosted?
How is data protected within Swapcard?
Does Swapcard comply with GDPR?


What are Swapcard’s Terms of Use (ToS)?
What does Swapcard do with my data?


What if I have a large number of attendees?
What if I organize multiple events?
How does Swapcard’s invoicing work?

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