Tailored to your events

  • Attendee networking
  • Chat
  • Business cards scanner
  • QR code reader
  • Twitter feed
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  • Matchmaking solution
  • Private meeting scheduler
  • Platform’s customization
  • Program
  • Speakers highlighted
  • Push notifications
  • Exhibitors/sponsors’ visibility
  • Lead retrieval
  • QR codes generation
  • Interactive tools for conferences
  • Support
  • Networking metrics (analytics)
Feel free to reach us out if you need anything!
Is it possible to give it a try before deciding committing with it?
Of course. You can create for free your event on our platform, and have a look on each paying features before deciding if it brings value to your event. If you need more info, please reach us out.
How can I make revenues with Swapcard?
You can sell services to exhibitors and sponsors such as visibility and lead retrieval. You pay $49 per exhibitor, choose your selling price, and keep the profits.
Can I request you a new feature?
We don't provide on-demand development, but we are always glad to hear your ideas and think if it's relevant to work on it.
What happens with my data, and data from my attendees, if I choose the free package?
Your data, and your attendees data, are safe! It's key to us. Each user is in control of whom can access their contact details. We do not sell any data.
Who can access to the event app? Is it secure?
Everyone can download the app, but only attendees you will add can access your event. Passwords are encrypted, and they are never sent through email.
What is the price for my attendees?
The service is free for all attendees, without any restriction.
All your data is safe and protected
Make your event a success.
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