Foster scientific collaboration and engage your community

Enable open dialogues, showcase the latest cutting-edge research in your field and run a profitable even

The main challenges we solve

Smart networking

Facilitate networking among your congress participants and foster conversations to let them share knowledge

Impactful sponsorships

Deliver strong visibility to sponsors and make sure you highlight their brands

Interactive program

Manage a rich program with parallel sessions and workshops. Help attendees design their own schedule and attend the right sessions

"It's a really intuitive and flexible platform. The team is always available to help and it's really enjoyable to work with them."

Yannick Dyant

OCO Congress
"Swapcard kept on updating everyone all the time. We sent targeted notifications and recommendations that made sure our participants knew exactly what was happening, when and where."

Ines Burton Garcia

HimSS Europe

Discover features you will love

Abstracts & interactivity

List all the abstracts within your program, manage workshops and attendees lists, send polls, Q&A and surveys to engage participants during the sessions

Networking powered by AI

Foster collaboration among scientists by enabling them to see who else is attending, connect and continue their discussion after your congress


Delegates can reach out to one another, start a conversation and schedule qualified, in-person meetings before and during the congress


Manage quotas of people attending each workshop. Know who attends which session and alert them in case something changes

Digital sponsoring

Showcase your sponsors and offer them visibility & lead generation, so they get the ROI they are looking for and innovate more


Understand what's going on during your event, measure its success and your attendees' satisfaction.

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