Run a seamless and collaborative event experience

Workshops & Sessions

Qualify for attendee accreditation by participating in relevant sessions.

Abstract Management

House abstracts and research in one place for quick and easy access.

Meetings & Matchmaking

Schedule qualified meetings and bring key members together.

Advanced Analytics & Intelligence

Manage all the data from your events and community in one place.

A community to visit after the event

Event Hub

Your community houses past events and hosts workshops and sessions throughout the year. This keeps your target audience engaged with your brand and increases buzz between events.

On-Demand Library + Content

Provide a central place for members to re-watch event sessions as well as discover new abstracts and dig deeper into existing research from prior events. Keep all members up-to-date with a community newsfeed.


Members can easily find and connect with other members, companies, sponsors, or organizers to keep the conversations going all year.

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"Effective event networking platform that is also easy to use."

In the past, our adoption rate was about 15%, and with Swapcard, we jumped to a 75% adoption rate. Also, as a staff member for the event, I loved the easy-to-use backend of the platform that quickly integrated into our systems.

Kevin C. S.

Senior Marketing Manager
Enterprise(> 1000 emp.)

“Exactly what we needed”

So many solutions we explored would require us to use a different platform for our virtual attendees than from our in-person attendees, but Swapcard brings it all together.

Dan F.

President • Small-Business

“Really great platform and app”

...the meeting scheduling is the biggest advantage for us. In the past we arranged meetings for our clients manually which was very time consuming. Attendees can now scroll through the attendee list and request meetings with one click.

Alexandra B.

Global Events Lead
Enterprise(> 1000 emp.)

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