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Long-term impact begins with memorable experiences

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Transform your crowd to an engaged community

People attend conferences to learn and exchange with inspiring peers or organizations. But navigating through a conference center can be an exhausting or lonely experience. It's time your event becomes the place to open up, share and grow


How our engagement platform transformed a major industry event


One digital platform to manage everything

Users are a tap away from all your schedule updates on their phone, laptop or tablet - or on your website. It starts with networking recommendations and booking of sessions. Onsite, attendees get alerts and never miss a panel or presentation. And organizers? Gain efficiency and peace of mind

Experiences that engage people

Make sure your audience is active (and happy). Deliver customized journeys that address attendees and exhibitors’ needs. Now, chatting with a workshop leader or getting a face-to-face with other participants is made easy. Your audience will spread the word and return for your next get-together

Visibility for partners

Businesses expect to get their messages across to a lot of people. Sponsoring the one speaker that everybody wants to see? Yes. Reaching out to the most qualified leads? Sure. Leverage a digital platform to give your partners real value for money

Measurable event and brand growth

How can you tell if you deliver results? Take a quick look at the audience dashboards. Every time people meet, book a session, or click on a product, you’ll know what worked well - and what should improve next time. It’s time for smart targeting that makes a difference

Grow your events