Perfect fit for game-changing conferences

From a passive audience to an engaged community

Highlight your amazing content and speakers
Enable friendly and quality networking
Innovate to stand out from numerous events
All the participants loved it, I'm really happy we chose Swapcard!

Loic Le Meur

A simple way to increase sessions' attendance and attendees' satisfaction
Better than paper, an interactive program
Let your attendees plan their own agenda. They will get a reminder 5 minutes before session to ensure they don’t miss out anything!
More visibility for your speakers
Growing their audience on Twitter thanks to the app will surely satisfy them. Offer them the possibility to interact with attendees, some will appreciate having deeper conversations.
Unlock meaningful conversations among attendees
They will discover which attendees are interested on same topics. This is a great way to find someone to share a coffee and discuss about the last conference you attended!
Customize the experience with fancy tools
You can add to the event app any other digital tools you’re using for your event. From Q&A to media stream, provide more values to attendees and make it easier for them to use these services.
Must-have features
Make your event a success.
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