Features included in
the premium version

Attendee Networking, Powered by AI

Show your attendees who will be at the event and match them with the people they should meet using our artificial intelligence.

Attendee Meetings

Arrange one-on-one meetings between your attendees in an automated way. Follow everything that's happening on your dashboard.

Onboarding Emails

Increase adoption rates with customized onboarding emails. A magic link in the email will automatically log attendees into the web app.

App Menu Branding

Increase your brand awareness by customizing your event page and menu to match your event's design.

Event Program

Attendees can peruse sessions and create their own schedule via an event program that's always up to date.

Exhibitor and Sponsor Lists

Display exhibitors and sponsors in the order you prefer. Create filters to make it easier for attendees to find them.

Push Notifications

Keep your attendees informed on the go with automated reminders that appear on their mobile device.

Group Chats

Increase knowledge-sharing among your attendees by creating group chats on specific topics.


Avoid duplicating tasks and relay updated information in the app directly to your website with our interactive widgets.


Use data to measure your event's success in real time and in a concrete way.

Extra features: Attendees services

Select which additional attendee services you want to add to your event app license for an even better experience.

Branded App

Showcase your brand! Create a branded app using your event name and colours for an exclusive experience.

Floor Plan

Facilitate your attendees' journey on site with way-finding and an interactive floor plan.


Engage attendees with an interactivity tool that allows them to answer live polls, and chat with fellow attendees and speakers during sessions.

Extra features: Exhibitors services

Select which additional exhibitor services you want to add to your event app license for an even better experience.

Exhibitor meetings

Arrange one-on-one meetings between your exhibitors in an automated way and keep track of their ROI.

Exhibitor Lead Capture

Help exhibitors qualify and store their leads and let them measure their ROI in real time.

Exhibitor Content Management

Let exhibitors upload documents and display their products to increase their number of leads.

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