Smarter in-person events, made simple.

Swapcard helps simplify event production, boost onsite audience engagement, and drive leads to your sponsors

Swapcard has powered 300+ in-person events in the past year.

We saw a 100% increase in session participation. We also got great networking figures and many new business deals came out of our event thanks to the matchmaking features on Swapcard.

- Organizers, Hello Tomorrow Global Summit

Offer a digital-first registration experience

Attendees don’t have time to waste. Provide them with contactless registration in seconds.

  • Customizable registration journey
  • Integrated payment processor
  • Contactless & mobile-friendly self check-in
  • Built-in access control

Personalize attendee journeys & boost engagement

Guide your attendees toward a customized event experience with our AI technology

  • A branded mobile app for a more connected audience
  • Powerful AI to tailor their event experience
  • Interactive floor plan & way-finding

It is not always simple to take the decision to come to a career fair, it is a long day, and some people are not comfortable networking so Swapcard makes it easier and more enjoyable..
- Thomas L., G2 Review

Swapcard is very user friendly and allows our event participants to get all the information they need in a 'one-stop shop' app.
- Manon Michaudet, Head of Communications at MTL Connect Hybrid

Deliver more (and better) leads to your sponsors

Swapcard's tools help qualify and rank leads for your sponsors & exhibitors

  • Provide sales-qualified leads with powerful AI matchmaking
  • Maximize sponsor visibility via ads, notifications & booths
  • Help sponsors track ROI in real-time directly in the app

Collect & leverage data to boost ROI for your business

Capture the entire attendee data journey & automate synching with your CMS tools

  • Provide sponsors with data & context about their leads to keep them coming back
  • Track the attendee & sponsor journey with behavioral data
  • Capture onsite audience data & create interactive heatmaps with geolocation
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Seamless in-person services & features

Onsite support

Swapcard Onsite services provide 24/7 customer support, onsite registration, and production & AV.

Access control

SwapAccess is your hybrid tool for session access control, credit tracking & instant reporting.


Your Swapcard Go box is delivered with all the necessary hardware and supplies for your event.

Turn in-person events into a smooth, digital experience with our onsite features.

  • Badge Printing
  • Access Control
  • Issue Certificates
  • Event App
  • Lead Capture & Retrieval
  • Self-Serve Check-In Kiosk
  • Ticketing & Payment
  • QR Code Scanning

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