Boost exhibitors' ROI & digitalize your exhibition

Adapt your trade show to the digital economy. Focus on qualified, in-person meetings to increase exhibitors' spendings.

The main challenges we solve

Tangible ROI

Deliver real ROI to exhibitors with qualified leads and secure them for the next edition.

Easy navigation

Help visitors plan their visit ahead of time and easily navigate your trade show.

Digital revenues

Strengthen your business model by offering a mix of physical and digital services.
"We increased our exhibitors' ROI by facilitating their lead generation weeks before the show and generated a new stream of digital revenues"

Nicolas Toueille

Head of communications - Laval Virtual
"We needed a platform to capture all interactions happening during the show and analyze this data to learn and adapt"

Jon Lipfed

Director of Digital and CRM, Who's Next

Discover features you will love

Exhibitors' products

Help exhibitors market their services and products in a digital way and know which products interest visitors the most.

Exhibitors' meetings

As exhibitors and visitors reach out to each other, they can start a conversation and schedule qualified meetings before and during the show.

Interactive floor plan

An interactive floor plan helps visitors know where and how to find conferences and exhibitors' booths. Guests can see exhibitors by type and industry or only the ones bookmarked.

Smart lead capture

Allow your exhibitors to scan visitors' badges to retrieve their contact information, contextualize meetings and schedule follow-ups in their CRM.

White label

Customize the platform to your brand. Use one platform for all your shows to increase visitors' usage rate.


Understand what's going on during your event, measure its success and your exhibitors' ROI.

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How 92% of exhibitors at Viva Technology used Swapcard to collect leads.
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