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Create engaging Hybrid events

A unified experience bringing together the best of both worlds.

Swapcard's end-to-end hybrid solutions

In-person + online registration

AI powered networking

Mobile app

Live Q&A for hybrid audience

Exhibitor's leads capture

Indoor mapping and way-finding

Engaging two different audiences and figuring out the logistics of a hybrid event can be challenging. When it comes to registration, engagement, matchmaking, event logistics and even building a 365 community, Swapcard's end-to-end hybrid solutions have you covered.

Go Hybrid with Swapcard

Solve the logistical headaches of hybrid events

Launch your registration
Offer a touch-less online registration experience
Track & collect onsite and online behavior

Engage with your audience, wherever they are

Generate AI-powered leads to your hybrid exhibitors
Engage your hybrid audience with live Q&A
Offer intuitive indoor mapping and way-finding

Keep the relationship with your audience all year long

On-demand library and educational material
Social feed & networking opportunities
Manage your exhibitor's marketplace

Hybrid is Now

If you're unsure about how to engage two different audiences or 
have other questions about going hybrid, we've got the answers.