Maximize attendance. Anytime, anywhere.

Hybrid events made easy.

Combine the power of meaningful interactions at your in-person events with the reach & scalability of your virtual events.

Swapcard has powered over 500 hybrid events in 2022

“We did exhaustive research. There are plenty of options out there for a hybrid platform. We started with around 70 and quickly, Swapcard rose to the top of our potential partners.”

- Steve Enselein, SVP Events at Hyatt Hotels Corporation

Boost engagement for both virtual & onsite attendees

Your events can connect both audiences in one event or through a series of events all year long

  • The platform automatically adapts to timezones & languages
  • Build a series of virtual events & engage your audience year-round
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Hybrid registration simplifies access for both audiences

  • Digital, in-app registration for your online audience
  • Contactless, safe, easy registration for in-person events
  • Our team experts takes care of your onsite logistics
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Leverage Swapcard support to handle your onsite experience

Swapcard’s services team takes care of all the in-person support for your attendees & exhibitors

  • Exhibitor platform walkthrough webinars
  • Onsite exhibitor & attendee support desk
  • Staffing of onsite operations for registration, session scanning, attendance tracking, lead retrieval
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Create ongoing brand engagement between events

Engage your attendees year-round and convert them into customers at every touchpoint

  • Track the entire customer journey across all your events in one branded platform
  • Turn all event content into an on-demand library, accessible 24/7
  • Use behavioral data to sell more sponsorships
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Go hybrid with Swapcard in 3 steps

Swapcard has had a team on the platform all week... we wouldn’t have been able to manage this onsite plus everything on the virtual side without them.
- Scott Craighead, IAEE

Go hybrid with Swapcard in 3 steps



Let your audience plan their personal event schedule days before it opens

    • Online registration & payment
    • Meeting planner
    • AI-powered matchmaking suggestions
During Event


Make sure both at-home and onsite visitors feel engaged

    • Online video calls & onsite meetings
    • Live stream your content
    • Session Q&A for both audiences


Engagement doesn’t have to end after your event

    • Video & messaging networking tools
    • News feed for your community to interact
    • On-demand content library for 24/7 engagement
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