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Generate revenues by helping exhibitors capture leads and automate lead-generation at your event.
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Collect leads, add qualifying information and automate follow-ups with your CRM.
"I captured leads very quickly. The scanning is very fast and accurate. Swapcard has done a great job developing my networking capability at this show. It has been an amazing experience!"

Anne Marie

"I can easily scan badges and business cards on the spot. I love the fact that you can instantly export your leads to the CRM, so you can properly follow up the day after. It helped us save time and focus on what's important."



Launch your lead-retrieval system in minutes

Enable exhibitors' sales and marketing teams to capture leads at their booth.

Import sponsors' and exhibitors' information

Smooth exhibitors and sponsors onboarding

One app, no hardware

Collect rich information in a structured manner

Record contacts in multiple ways with all the info you need.

Scan badges and business cards

Contextualize meetings

Share contacts within your team

Automate follow-ups

Accelerate your sales velocity & sync your CRM.

Export your data and make it available for immediate follow-up

Push your leads into your CRM

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