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A smart event experience, accelerated by Artificial Intelligence

The first and only company to apply deep learning to event networking by using the most advanced and powerful type of AI. Get a personalized experience and unlock business opportunities that would have otherwise been impossible.

Swapcard is “AI-first” and the most advanced matchmaking solution

The Swapcard platform and technology are “AI-first”— our event solution has been designed with AI at its core, rather than an afterthought.

  • As an AI-first product, our technology is built in a way that understands who you should meet based on key identifiers.
  • That means that our technology is more advanced than the solutions found on all other networking platforms.
  • Those platforms ask attendees questions about what they are offering and what they are seeking, and “matches” people with corresponding criteria — this is nothing close to science.

How does Swapcard AI create meaningful encounters?

Neural Network

Step 1 - Creating a Neural Network

Natural Language Processing

Step 2 - Using Natural Language Processing


Step 3 - The Ontology part


Step 5 - The Matching result

Reinforcement Learning

Step 6 - The Reinforcement Learning

What benefits can our AI offer your event?

Swapcard offers your attendees and exhibitors a new and unique, AI-first networking experience to increase their satisfaction and ROI.

With our deep technology, we cut through the event noise to deliver a personalized suggestion of people to meet and — coming soon — exhibitors and sessions to attend.

You want to make your event smart? We have the right technology for you.