Hybrid events are here. Swapcard has it covered.

It helps create a personalized journey for each participant so they can effortlessly be matched with the perfect people and sessions while forging meaningful connections.
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Swapcard’s advanced AI is the result of years of investment and development. Our AI-powered all-in-one platform gives you the ability to truly engage people at your events and build communities without borders.

Our AI makes meeting the right individuals, attending the best sessions, meeting the ideal exhibitors, and buying relevant products at an event smoother and easier than ever before.

Participants will no longer waste time manually searching through lists of people and jam-packed agendas trying to figure out what to do and who to meet. They’ll just log in and get pop-up suggestions tailored specifically for them!

Understand how our AI works in 3 steps

Step 1

The graph

The graph and its data are at the heart of the platform's AI. Its job is to facilitate the creation of links between people and content at an event by predicting that one attendee would be interested in a specific thing or topic.

Step 2

Machine learning

At Swapcard, we use the graph and our in-house machine-learning algorithm to condense all this information into a much simpler representation. This step aims to create a profile for each of our entities that computers can understand and work with so we can automatically produce recommendations.

Step 3

Empowering connections and learning

Swapcard's technology maps out the user journey beginning with what users are looking for, to the items available at the event (sessions, exhibitors, other attendees). When a user is looking at an item, such as a session or an exhibitor, the AI will generate a list of similar items based on its mapping methods.

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