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8 Storytelling Tips to Supercharge Your Brand Experience Strategy

Neal Ludevig

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In this episode, you’ll learn:

Telling your brand’s story should be a key piece of your marketing strategy.

In this episode of Marketing Minutes you'll learn how to:

• Elevate your brand experience through the art of storytelling

• Curate effective programming and authentic presentation

• Generate a better attendee experience

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About the Expert

Neal Ludevig

Moon31, Curator and Producer

Neal Ludevig (he/him) is a producer, curator, environmentalist, and entrepreneur based in Harlem. He has more than a decade of experience in the non-profit and for-profit sectors, creating and curating massive events, festivals, TV, Film, exhibitions, dinners, and conversations, which have been covered in nearly every (inter)national media outlet including the New York Times, Rolling Stone, Time Out, NPR, and more.

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