Design Event Registration Like an Expert


Elevate your events experience with personalized registration, user-friendly forms, and streamlined processes.

Katrina Majeske
Registration Manager at Swapcard

What you'll learn

1. Create an audience-focused registration experience to personalize event journeys for speakers, attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors.

2. Design a user-friendly form and effective registration process that enhances engagement and minimizes drop-offs and no-shows.

3. Utilize registration data to understand your audience, make informed decisions, and optimize future event performance.

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About the Expert

About the Experts

Katrina Majeske

Registration Manager at Swapcard

Katrina is an event professional with 5+ years of Registration Management experience. From small-scale digital events to large-scale in-person exhibitions, Katrina has managed the end-to-end logistics of how to ensure registration runs as smoothly as possible to run successful events around the globe.

Who is behind Trade Show Essentials & Expo Experts Explain?

Swapcard is an event & community platform that helps anyone to organize smart and digital-first events, without tech headaches.

Unlike other platforms, Swapcard is easy-to-use, uses AI to generate qualified leads to sponsors, and turns your audience into an all-year community around your brand.

Swapcard’s mission: helping create meaningful connections that grow into authentic, long-lasting relationships.

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