Proven ROI Hacks for Exhibitor Success in 2024


Low-cost & high-impact strategies to guarantee exhibitor ROI

Nina Bourotte
Strategic Account Manager at Swapcard

What you'll learn

  • Demonstrate tangible ROI impact and encourage repeat investment in your trade show
  • Blend in-person and digital experiences, from premium tours to in-booth sessions, to maximize attendee engagement and exhibitor ROI
  • Align exhibitor offerings and event goals to your trade show strategy and foster a meaningful relationship

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About the Expert

About the Experts

Nina Bourotte

Strategic Account Manager at Swapcard

Nina Bourotte started her career with POKEN and VISIT by GES, before joining Swapcard in late 2020 amidst a significant industry crisis. Her expertise and enthusiasm quickly set her apart, propelling her to a prominent role in the Strategic Account Management team within just a few years.

Being in the event tech industry for nearly a decade, she’s worked alongside international organizations, including the OECD, the Olympic Committee, and Veterans associations.

From NFC engagement platform to registration & onsite services providers, Nina possesses a comprehensive understanding of the organizer/visitor/exhibitor journey and is well-equipped to guide us into the future.

Who is behind Trade Show Essentials & Expo Experts Explain?

Swapcard is an event & community platform that helps anyone to organize smart and digital-first events, without tech headaches.

Unlike other platforms, Swapcard is easy-to-use, uses AI to generate qualified leads to sponsors, and turns your audience into an all-year community around your brand.

Swapcard’s mission: helping create meaningful connections that grow into authentic, long-lasting relationships.

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