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8 Sure-fire Ways to Become an Awesome Boss

Elisa DiMauro

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In this episode, you’ll learn:

We all need strong leaders to challenge, motivate, and inspire us. But how can we learn to develop those qualities within ourselves?

In this episode of Marketing Minutes you'll learn how to:

• Lead the ultimate dream team

• Become the awesome boss you always wanted to be!

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About the Expert

Elisa DiMauro

Senior Manager, Talent Development

Elisa DiMauro (she/her) is a senior manager of talent development. In her role, she focuses on critical aspects of enhancing the employee experience including leadership development for new people managers, designing company and team-wide systems, norms, and best practices for work in the hybrid world, and leveraging employee feedback and data to drive business decisions. Elisa’s mission is to make what we do more effective, efficient and enjoyable for everyone.

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