Office Hours of Swapcard

30 minutes

Join us for Office Hours, your go-to resource for asking questions, receiving real-time guidance, and optimizing your events. ๐Ÿš€

These weekly sessions cover foundational, technical, and strategic topics and allow you to learn and problem-solve live with experts.

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What you'll learn

What to expect during office hours

1. A Deep Dive into a Specific Feature of Swapcard (15 min): During this 15-minute session, we will demonstrate how to set up a specific feature on Swapcard. You can vote for the feature you would like to see demonstrated on the registration form.

2. Live Q&A (15 mins): Pose all your questions live in the chat or by joining us on stage, and receive immediate answers from our support team.


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About the Expert

About the Experts

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Who is behind Trade Show Essentials & Expo Experts Explain?

Swapcard is an event & community platform that helps anyone to organize smart and digital-first events, without tech headaches.
Unlike other platforms, Swapcard is easy-to-use, uses AI to generate qualified leads to sponsors, and turns your audience into an all-year community around your brand.
Swapcardโ€™s mission: helping create meaningful connections that grow into authentic, long-lasting relationships.

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