How Swapcard allows buyers & exhibitors to connect during and between trade shows

6 international trade shows
Who's Next, Premiere Classe & Premiere Classe Tuileries
4 000
+100 000
visitors at these events
The critical challenge our agency WSN faces is to successfully engage our community throughout the year in each and every tradeshow we organize. So we have to offer the same networking solution for the different communities that attend and participate at Who's Next and Premiere Classe.

Jon Lipfeld

Director of Digital and CRM, WSN Development
We are a young Parisian startup so our objective for this trade show is to make as many connections as possible, and to gain as much visibility as we can. We used the platform to reach out to people who might want to work with us, as well as partners and companies.

Julie Abissegué

Founder, Art Design Africa

The challenge: One digital platform for six fashion industry events

A continuous, 365-day networking experience
The organizer searched for a unified networking solution to connect exhibitors and buyers that will deliver a consistent experience at six trade shows.
A transformative digital tool launched in under 30 days
An event engagement platform designed and launched under a month and synced with all of the trade shows' databases
A multitude of facilities to buyers and exhibitors
Multiple services for exhibitors (badge scanning, matchmaking and meeting scheduler) and buyers (exhibitor list, products, program and floor plan).

Who's Next & Premiere Classe chose Swapcard to disrupt its trade shows and connect buyers and exhibitors throughout the year

The Who's Next platform by Swapcard allowed us to engage our community and foster the creation of new connections before, during and after the event. For me, the app and platform are a smart way to align and streamline the physical and digital experiences.

Jon Lipfeld

Director of Digital and CRM, WSN Development
At the first two editions of this series of events, whether in Porte de Versailles or the Tuileries Garden, the application allowed us to contact buyers and therefore set up meetings right at our booth. That was the biggest advantage.

Alexandre Isaac

Blackhats Paris

WSN Development, the world's largest fashion and concept store, organizes six events a year to connect brands and potential buyers. The company has teamed up this year with Swapcard for all 2018/2019 events, two of which have already taken place in early and late September: Who's Next and Premiere Class at Porte de Versailles, as well as Première Classe Tuileries at the Tuileries gardens.

It is therefore essential to offer visitors to all these events a single networking experience to connect and more.

Exhibitors have the opportunity through the application Who's Next by Swapcard to increase their visibility on the show with the plan and the list of exhibitors, and buyers can target their research using artificial intelligence and matchmaking proposed in the application. The program and the list of exhibitors allow visitors to prepare their arrival and save time on each event, all on one platform: Who's Next by Swapcard.

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