Why 93% of exhibitors at Viva Technology used Swapcard to collect leads

3 days
of keynotes, demos and meetings
100 000 attendees
from 125 countries
1 800 startups
pitched and presented
1 900 investisseurs
from various industries

Giant trade show, massive challenges

Engage visitors and attendees
When a 100 thousand people gather to be inspired, meet peers and test new products they need clear guidance and immediate access to information
Increase exhibitors' visibility and lead generation
Commercial partners, sponsors and exhibitors expect to get their investment worth: meet the right people and save time
Navigate a busy space and make the most of a rich program
Participants need to easily locate and attend the keynotes, panels and demos that are best suited for them

Viva Technology chose Swapcard for the 3rd consecutive year

Networking and connections
The number of new contacts made between attendees and exhibitors jumped by 42% (y/y)
Lead generation and ROI
Exhibitors connected and met with 58,266 people
For three years now, Swapcard has been my go-to tool to keep my finger on the pulse, connect and meet with the right people, and stay in touch after the event

Adam Ring

Co-founder, Beard Brothers
I don’t want to waste time on meeting random people. With the app, I plan in advance, I look at who’s going to be around, which startups are exhibiting, who has on their profile the right keywords

Morgane Suignard

Corporate Relations Manager, Techstars Paris

Solutions delivered

89 087
124 354
new connections

In previous editions of Viva Technology attendees and exhibitors told us they expect improved networking and a better UX. We listened. We agreed. We worked hard to upgrade our users' experience. So we upgraded the matchmaking algorithm to make sure everybody gets the best opportunity to connect with the right people, content, and brands before, during and after the event. We also introduced smart chatrooms and messaging with the aim of connecting faster and easier than ever before. Moreover, the organizing team could inform attendees on any last-minute changes to the program with real-time updates and push notifications.
Our main goal was networking. We wanted to attract businesses and we met some amazing people from all over the world. The magic happened through the app's social network

Kaze Onguene

Founder, BrainCities
I met 30 investors and potential customers, and now I can stay in touch with them. For me, this is amazing value

Nicola Garzaniti

Co-founder, Golbriak Space

A growing partnership: 3 years, more than 250 000 attendees