Audience Engagement and Positive Feedback: How People Matters TechHR Did It All Virtually

Virtual conferences always lagged behind the value propositions that you normally get from physical conferences. One of the biggest challenges was having control of our own conference.

Prakash Shahi

Digital Head, People Matters

The Challenges

Enabling networking between attendees and exhibitors - before, during, and after the event. Even 100% online.
Immersive Content Experience
Even though they were watching from home, the attendee experience was an immersive one.
Integration with 3rd Party Platforms
The organizing team had various 3rd party providers and needed a platform that could synchronize with all of them. That's where Swapcard came in.
Lead Generation
Sponsors needed to attract leads to boost their ROI. Our interactivity and networking features made it possible.

You're fully in control of your event, even 100% online!

Video Calls & Matchmaking
Attendees could schedule video calls with exhibitors (& vice versa) and enjoy "face-to-face" interactions, through the screen!
Attendee Engagement
Live discussions with polls and Q&As during sessions kept the audience engaged and made the content more interactive.
YOU Have The Power!
The organizing team managed, designed and edited the event from scratch with the support of our team.
Value for Partners
The exhibitor center, where partners manage their booth, allowed them to customize their experience, schedule meetings and make meaningful connections.

connections made

More statistics

discussions created
virtual meetings scheduled
social engagement

People Matters TechHR enjoyed full control of the platform from their end with full support from Swapcard across languages and timezones. Attendees at the event were highly engaged and used the interactivity features to their full potential, making for many meaningful encounters between attendees, exhibitors and sponsors.

The organizing team also greatly appreciated Swapcard's ability to integrate with multiple 3rd party platforms, easing the process and making the platform very user-friendly.

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