How the OECD Forum engaged senior policy makers from 66 countries

2 days
high-level discussions and presentations
4000 participants
presidents, CEOs, leaders from civil society and trade unions
238 speakers
91 sessions

A forum to discuss the key global economic and social challenges

Spark discussions and propose solutions to major problems
When the world's thought leaders contribute expertise and knowledge, organizers must engage a high-level audience
Gather and connect policy shapers and thought leaders
Partners, participants and 39 exhibitors expect to network and exchange over 2 days and beyond

The OECD collaborates with Swapcard for the 1st time

We welcome heads of states and hundreds of speakers in parallel sessions. We wanted people to get connected with their peers. So it was very important for all the program and speaker information to be easily accessible and well-presented. The information was evolving all the time, but customizing and branding the app was easy. Swapcard’s team was flexible and supported us on everything we needed.

Katrina Baker

Events Coordinator, OECD
For us, as partners, this is really an opportunity to participate in the sessions, get to network and meet some new people. I’ve been using it constantly to check the agenda, see what’s going on, and see who’s speaking

Mohammed Mostafa

President, AIESEC France

The numbers

number of sessions attended by users who created their own program (mean)
2 788
registrations to sessions through the app
senior attendees active on the app

In 2018, Swapcard supported the OECD Forum for the first time. This prestigious international conference brings together heads of state and policy shapers from all over the world.

Our clients looked for the best tool to network and exchange in the context of an open discussion of global initiatives and solutions. We delivered exactly that.

Through the event app, 4,000 participants from 131 countries could highlight speakers and bookmark relevant sessions. With these functions in place, attendees could create their journey. Memorable experiences and interactions resulted in better networking and long-term relationships.

Solutions delivered

Memorable experiences
10.6 sessions attended by participants who designed their own program (mean)
In-person interactions
93% of active users on the app created their own schedule
With Swapcard we have the liberty of attending any session we want but we also have the information we need to be organized

Martin Grange

The app lets me coordinate between my time schedule and other participants, find the person that I’m interested in, and meet them

Lujane El Arif

OECD volunteer

The OECD: When growing globally means going digital

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