How organizers connected talents and recruiters at the job fairs Le Jour J and Le Numérique Recrute

2 days
job fairs focused on tech recruitment
200 recruiters
looking for the best profiles during Le Jour J
750 talents
seeking job opportunities at Le Numérique Recrute

The challenges for Jour J and Le Numerique Recrute: Match employers and job seekers, increase meetings, and facilitate follow-up

Smart matchmaking and connections
The organizers needed to be sure that job seekers and employers can screen and target ahead of the job fair and trade show
Digitized resumes and exports
From targeted search, to meeting and export, the whole process is now way easier and more productive for recruiters

"Le Jour J" is a tech job fair organized by LesJeudis. “Le Numérique Recrute” is another, co-organized by Euratechnologies and Plaine Images. Swapcard has partnered with these recruitment expos for the first time in 2017. Our shared goal was to provide an engagement platform and event app to match job seekers and recruiters on a smart and effective way.

This collaboration highlights the importance of targeted networking before and during an event. By using filters, searching the digitized resumes and smart connections stakeholders saved time. Crucially, employers met better quality candidates.

The biggest challenge is that companies that look to hire struggle to communicate about their activities and needs and attract top talent. That’s why it’s so crucial for us to help candidates and employers get in touch before the event.

Aude Allard

Event Organizer, Le Numerique Recrute, Trade Show and Job Fair
Our goal is to enable meetings between organizers and candidates that specialize in tech. We offer technology, education, technique, and educational activities. The event app’s role is to facilitate this connection.

Arnaud Depouilly

Organizer, Salon Le Jour J, Trade Show and Job Fair

Swapcard increased both the quality and quantity of meetings between candidates and employers

Swapcard enabled me to get in touch with a candidate before the event and to connect directly with people looking to get hired that have the best fit for the positions we’re looking to fill. The bottom line is that these are high-quality candidates I couldn’t meet without the app.

Pierre Rollion

Exhibitor, Human Resources Manager, A-a-volute
Thanks to Swapcard I could pick and choose between the companies that participate in the event. That way I could target precisely the right employers.

Ségolène Louly

Jobseeker, Industrial designer

How career fairs can use our event AI that matches tech job-seekers and employers

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