How IMCAS boosted its internal e-learning platform using the Swapcard event app

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The Challenges

A way to organize and customize the event program
With over 1,000 presentations, keeping the event program organized was indispensable. Attendees needed to be able to choose the sessions they wanted to attend and build out a tailor-made schedule.
The event app needed to adhere to specific requirements
The event app needed to link to speaker abstracts, have the entry system (a confirmation letter) built within the app and API integration with IMCAS' e-learning platform.
Increase the usage rate and facilitate interactions among attendees
The large volume of visitors meant IMCAS needed to see improved usage rates, engage their participants and facilitate interactions among attendees and speakers.

The world's largest dermatology conference, dedicated to teaching and learning

Before Swapcard, IMCAS was working with their own platform but weren't achieving the adoption rates they desired. They decided to shift the paradigm by looking for a mobile event app to complement their e-learning solution. IMCAS reached out to Swapcard for an event app that would make it easy for their attendees to connect with speakers and other participants, review abstracts and have everything they needed (event program, interactive map, event entry, API integration) in one app. Soon, the app will integrate all IMCAS conferences for a year-round event experience.

We never used an app at our conferences. We developed a web app internally, but we saw a low usage rate. Because of that, we decided to choose Swapcard. For an event with over 10,000 attendees, it was mandatory.

Jérémy Jeandie

Head of marketing, IMCAS (organizer)
The Swapcard app was really well designed, and it was easy for attendees to build their personal program. They received notifications to remind them when the session they are attending was about to start.

Pauline Didier

Project Manager - IMCAS (organizer)

Solutions Delivered

A customized, branded app to match their needs
With Swapcard, IMCAS got a branded app that included the confirmation entry letter, a three-storey interactive floor plan, links to abstracts and an integrated API. They have one app that they can use to connect attendees at all of their events.
Attendees could build out their program
Participants could review the event program and register to the sessions they wished to attend. They could easily locate where it was on the map and receive a reminder ten minutes before it started.
Increased interactions between attendees and speakers
The Swapcard event app allowed attendees to ask questions to speakers, review their abstracts and connect with other attendees who shared mutual interests.

active speakers
program visits
I mostly used it for the program - to know who the speaker was, what the details were, etc. You can go into the details of each session, so you know where to go next.

To be honest, I think every event should have an event app. It's very easy to check and you can know exactly where you're going and at what time. It makes your life much easier. I think it's a very good idea.


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