Swapcard’s All-in-One Platform Guaranteed a Smooth Registration Process for Informa Tech’s GDC Event

What is the Game Developers Conference?

The Game Developers Conference (GDC), hosted by Informa, is the game industry’s premier event for championing developers and the advancement of their craft. GDC returned to San Francisco in March 2022 as the city’s largest in-person event in over two years. 

When a complex event like the GDC returned to in-person in 2022, a smooth registration process was a key component for success.

attendees both in-person and online
connections made via Swapcard’s app
in-person networking rooms consistently at capacity
“We knew in-person was coming back and that's where Avolio by Swapcard and Informa Tech kind of combined forces, so to speak, to create one solution for us.”

Christina Corrado

Director of Registration Operations, Informa Tech

The Challenges

In-Person and Virtual Experiences
Combining the virtual event experience with the return to in-person.
One Platform for Everything
A centralized solution to take care of everything required for the event.
In-Depth Data Insights
Unlimited data access to the complete attendee experience.
“Prior to the pandemic, we had two vendors and we were really looking to streamline systems, platforms and vendors to create a better attendee experience, but also be more efficient across all of our events.”

Christina Corrado

Director of Registration Operations, Informa Tech

The Results

All-Inclusive Event for All Attendees
An all-inclusive event experience for in-person and virtual attendees with benefits for both.
Single-Source Platform
One platform that leveraged SwapAccess to handle registration, networking, wayfinding, session scanning, and more.
Unrestricted Data Access
Immediate unrestricted access to real-time event data through Swapcard platform.

End Results

Swapcard’s registration helped streamline and simplify a complex registration process at GDC, giving organizers peace of mind knowing that there was a team of experts taking care of everything. Swapcard worked closely with Informa Tech to create an all-in-one solution that handled every aspect of the event including lead capture capabilities and session scanning for attendees and exhibitors. Attendees had everything they needed in one place to seamlessly and safely enjoy the GDC experience.

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