How Swapcard achieved a 79% usage rate during Evolve: The Virtual Event for Planners using their own event platform

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In solidarity we find solutions. We brought our network of Event Organizers from around the world together so they can share knowledge and experiences in a virtual event of their own.Together, we make the Event Industry stronger. When we unite to embrace change and find solutions to common problems, everyone wins.

Martell Fox

Event Director, Evolve: The Virtual Event for Planners
Unfortunately, 90% of events are losing revenue, so all events must go virtual. We at Swapcard wanted to help the market to adapt. Evolve's main idea was to empower the changes and help organizers re-shape their event as fast as they could.

Baptiste Boulard

CEO, Swapcard

The Challenges

Content Management
Choosing the best content and using our virtual stage for speakers to share their knowledge and advice.
Audience Engagement
Finding a way to engage attendees and encouraging them to interact with each other and speakers.
Enabling networking between attendees, speakers and exhibitors -before, during and after the event. Even 100% online.

Attendees were highly engaged and thousands of new connections were forged.

Live & pre-recorded sessions
Easy access to live & pre-recorded sessions and sticking to the program with autoplay
Live discussion
Live discussions during sessions with Q&A and polls to engage with other attendees and speakers.
Video calls & matchmaking
Attendees could schedule video calls with the right people thanks to AI-powered matchmaking.

79% of registered attendees were active in the platform
We created Evolve only 45 days before its launch and the results were way beyond our expectations! We had never organized our own event before, so our learning curve was a tough one. We expected to gather 1,000 people and ended up with 4,000 active attendees.

Martell Fox

Event Director, Evolve: The Virtual Event for Planners
We know now that having an online alternative is super important and it should be treated with just as much care and respect as an in-person event. I enjoyed the matchmaking and I look forward to working with the Swapcard team for some more Evolve events and being an Evolver.

Megan Powers (speaker)

Host of The Inside Events Podcast by Swapcard and Founder of Powers of Marketing,
I found the sessions very interesting, I've connected with a lot of people. The speed meetings and roundtables were an added value to the event, they allowed people to chat and break the ice. I remain positive about the future, we just need new tools and I think Evolve is a great example.

George Roumeliotis (attendee)

Director of Sales, Original Senses

More statistics

Attendees During the 3-Day Event
Average Session Rating
Conversations Had Between Attendees

Swapcard's product team worked quickly to adapt the platform to virtual events. Brand new features were released up until the morning of Evolve, and the platform was constantly being updated to become virtual event-ready.

Short deadlines seems to be the theme of Evolve, because there were only about 45 days from conception to execution of the idea. The Evolve journey has been a valuable learning curve.

The most important lessons learned will be used to improve the Swapcard product and anticipate clients' needs to help them run even more successful virtual events. The Evolve team from Swapcard is proud to say that they've walked a mile in event organizers' shoes and know what it's like to plan a virtual event, unlike many competitors.

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