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How did Confex enhance their attendees' networking experience with one single app?

Seminar Sessions

Connections requests
"Confex is an event for the event industry, so the standards are extremely high, they expect to see the best. One of the biggest fears can be the level of integrations."


Exhibition Director, Mash Media (organizer)
"I’m attending this show because I’m the Operations Manager at Clarion Events, so I’m always keen to know what’s new, and I come here to have some ideas for my future shows. "


Event Operations Manager, Clarion Events (attendee)

An event to digitize and almost 8,000 people to engage

Get data in real time
The organizer needed to easily access data so they could see everything happening in the event and what could be improved.
Prepare ahead on the event app
International Confex was looking for an event app where attendees can prepare in advance and schedule meetings.
Easy integrations
The organizer wanted to integrate the platform with any ticketing partners and other tools needed.

Finally, networking made easy thanks to Swapcard!

Lead retrieval and exhibitor portal
Exhibitors had the tools to attract and retain leads seamlessly within the Swapcard app.
All-in-one service & integration with ticketing platforms
A platform with event details & agenda, networking & matchmaking powered by AI, and even lead retrieval for exhibitors.
Better engagement & usage rates
Thanks to good communication with the support team, who help organizers on logistics and event strategy
"I would absolutely recommend Swapcard to other event organizers of all shapes, sizes, and scales. If you’re looking for something bespoke and unique, that you can white-label, I can’t sing their praises enough."


Exhibition Director, Mash Media (organizer)
"I loved to use this app, I think it will be great for my visitors and exhibitors in my next shows. I’m very keen to use this app in my future shows."


Event Operations Manager, Clarion Events (attendee)
"I would have never imagined that if you did reach out, people would actually answer!"


Regional Engagement Manager, Rise Against Hunger (exhibitor)

More statistics

usage rate by exhibitors
Meeting requests
Times exhibitors were bookmarked

Real-time data was made available through the platform, making it easy to improve the event thanks to the statistics. Swapcard conveniently integrated with the chosen ticketing platform and had both web app & mobile app available. Confex observed better usage rates after the Swapcard support team gave input on the communication & event strategy. This all-in-one service saved the organizers from getting different platforms for each feature.

Enhance your attendees' experience with Swapcard.