How to get 16,000 active users during your virtual conference

Briefing sessions
Arsenal tool presentations
sponsored sessions
Black Hat is known for being a very rich content event. The other important thing was finding a platform that was strong around attendee engagement. And just like Black Hat face-to-face event, security was also a concern for us.

Steve Wylie

General Manager, Black Hat brand at Informa

The Challenges

Types of sessions: tool presentations, sponsored sessions, briefing sessions, main stage and more.
Being the world's leading information security event, the platform they used had to make attendees and exhibitors feel safe
Attendee interaction
A key requirement: opportunities for exhibitors and attendees to interact and discuss products
Enabling networking between attendees and exhibitors - before, during, and after the event. Even 100% online.

Real human engagement. High usage rates. All online.

Different programs, simultaneously.
4 programs. 1 platform. Attendees had access to them all.
Video calls & matchmaking.
Attendees could schedule video calls with exhibitors (& vice versa) and enjoy "face-to-face" interactions, through the screen!
Swapcard support
Adaptable, available experts ready to listen. Swapcard's support starts long before and ends long after the event.
High expectations. Successful delivery.
Informa Tech had big dreams for their event. We delivered and helped them make it a success.

active users

More statistics

Video calls between attendees
Discussions between users
New contacts made
The Swapcard team did an excellent job with staying very attentive to our questions, and being responsive. Swapcard has been very flexible and agile, we're very thankful for them being there as a partner and not just another vendor.

Meredith Omori

Senior Manager, Event Operations & Services at Informa Tech
Black Hat is quite a demanding event. We really aim for excellence in everything that we're doing, so when we were looking for a virtual event platform we wanted to make sure that we had a partner that going to allow us to uphold our high and demanding challenges. I'm happy to say that Swapcard definitely delivered on that.

Steve Wylie

General Manager, Black Hat brand at Informa

The Black Hat organizing team had challenges. We reassured them and delivered on our promises. Total security was high priority. We provided them with a reassuringly strong and secure platform.

Another challenge was running various different sessions concurrently. We ran the content-focused program without a hiccup and made it easy to use for attendees.

High networking and attendance rates were on the top of Black Hat's list. They had 16,000 active users, a high engagement and networking rate and feedback about an excellent user experience - a great success!

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