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How AIESEC leveraged Swapcard's platform to connect students from all over Latin America




Mexico City

where they all met

A lesson in bringing people together for an international youth organization

Use an afforadble communciations solution

The problem Daniela Arista of AIESEC Mexico encountered was that her events' participants failed to follow important announcements on social media, lost track of updates and wouldn’t connect with the right people.

Win new sponsors

Getting commercial partners to support a students' conference is a critical challenge for organizers of a youth leadership conference with a limited budget.

Social media made it so hard for me to manage the program and let people know what’s going on. I needed to find a better solution, and fast.

Daniela Arista

Conference Organizer, AIESEC Mexico

The event organizer created a branded app and uploaded the program in minutes. She also used the platform to promote her sponsors' logos.

The outcome

In real time

information update and engagement of participants

Continuous connections

before, during and after the event

Better sponsorship

because of a best strategic outreach

The outcome

Daniela Arista had to find a smart networking solution for 400 representatives from 20 countries that gathered in Mexico City. As she only had three weeks, she decided to innovate and chose Swapcard. Her main reason was the easy interface that allows attendees to connect and message easily through the event app. Moreover, as an organizer, the simple management of a multi-location and week-long program and the ability to post content in English were other important factors. The AIESEC marketing team easily uploaded excel sheets to Swapcard’s platform and set up the complex schedule within minutes. Team members customized the event app’s colors and logo to align with the organization’s brand. They also used the app to present and promoted sponsors’ logos to participants and other companies.

It was so easy for people to use Swapcard to communicate with one another, get real-time program updates, and connect with sponsors

Daniela Arista

Conference Organizer, AIESEC Mexico

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