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Less stress, more revenues

Connect people with the right brands and products with speed and efficiency. Do that, and you'll deliver a new, better experience to visitors and an improved ROI to exhibitors. Focus on what matters, and make your event management so much easier


How VivaTechnology increased the ROI of 92% of its exhibitors


Happy visitors = loyal customers

Let visitors create their personalized journey. Deliver networking recommendations ahead of the event. Onsite, help guests highlight speakers, schedule meetings and get product alerts. They’ll go home with new contacts and memorable experiences. And you? You will ensure customer retention and satisfaction

Improved exhibitors' ROI

Give your exhibitors the full-cycle service they need. Generate leads through contact recommendations and early bookings or onsite with tailored meetings. Support follow-up by syncing with your CRM. Make a real impact on partners’ results - and they’ll return next year

New digital revenues

Exhibit space sales' growth is down while revenues from digital event services soar. It's time to offer smart networking options, sponsored keynotes, segmented ads and push alerts. This is how you support your partners and increase your cash flows

Measure your success

Use real-time audience analytics and insightful dashboards after your event is over. With the right metrics you understand your attendees and exhibitors real needs. Next time around, you’ll offer a better user experience

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