Foster employee collaboration (and get some good vibes going)

Your app will help you run your event more efficiently and engage your participants in a fun way

The main challenges we solve


Help your participants share insights and offer training through interactive workshops

Smooth management

Stay on top of information, share last-minute updates


Make sure participants enjoy their time at the event

"Oracle employees loved the way the app helped them connect and share knowledge with teammates based on departments and skills. We were able to keep the program updated and gather feedbacks during the sessions."

Karine Picard

Vice President EMEA Applications Strategy & Business Development, Oracle
"We used Swapcard to facilitate lead generation for our partners and track clients journeys within the program to better understand their needs."

Nathalie Blond

Communication Director, Lengow

Discover features you will love

Program & interactivity

Create your program of workshops and plenary sessions, manage your attendees list, send polls, Q&A and surveys to engage participants during sessions

Update & push

Edit information, update your event guide instantly and send push notifications to inform your participants

Feed & conversations

Participants can chat, post images and share ideas on specific channels. You can display all this on a big screen


Manage quotas of people attending each workshop. Know who attends which session and alert them in case something changes


Help your new joiners and employees from various regions meet and create lasting memories


Understand what's going on during your event, measure its success and your attendees' satisfaction

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