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Offer visibility packages and generate quality lead retrieval for exhibitors

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Tap into new revenue streams

Shouldn't your event generate higher revenues and more qualified leads? Isn’t it time to seriously measure ROI? Yes. Commercial partners and sponsors expect to engage with a lot of potential clients. To turn potential into earnings, go to where the users are. Go digital

Generate the leads your partners expect

What's the best and surest way to collect a lot of qualified leads? Meeting the right people. Now you can do that by connecting with prospects from the industries and companies that matter to you. Once you meet, scan the badges to reach out to leads whenever you want

Sell outreach and visibility packages

Offer exhibitors and sponsors the best platform to exchange with relevant contacts and create brand conversations before or during any expo. Help them reach out with special offers, real-time updates, location-based ads or push alerts. When you offer more and better qualified leads, you make a deep and lasting impact on partners’ ROI

Connect attendees, products and exhibitors

Thanks to a powerful matchmaking algorithm you can bring together quality clients and leading brands. Whatever your business model - commission or shared revenues - translate meaningful interactions to improved cash flows

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