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Connect people, content and brands through smart matchmaking and conversations that matter

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74% of your attendees want to connect in person. But let’s face it: finding the right people onsite is hard. What if everyone could interact with inspiring peers or meet potential new partners? Now you can deliver exactly that - before, during and after your event. Use the power of AI and behavioral data to build engagement and loyalty with three powerful tools

Smart matchmaking

Deliver personal recommendations to connect people, brands and content before the event. Take away the pain of navigating overcrowded spaces. Give attendees the gift of clarity so they focus on what matters to them

Personalized interactive experiences

Give attendees the power to create remarkable real-life experiences. Participants and visitors can easily book meetings and sessions, get personal notifications and content recommendations, add notes, take part in real-time polls, or mark favorite speakers

Ongoing conversations

Enable a continuous dialogue about your event and brand with Q&A sessions and live discussions

One-on-one messaging

Group chats

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