Increase exhibitors lead generation and ROI

Empower your exhibitors collect leads and sell more. Build loyalty and boost your event revenues

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Highlight Sponsors within the app, don’t limit their visibility to the booth.
Lead acquisition
Exhibitors collect data from attendees with the app when scanning badges and business cards.
More closed deals
All leads collected are gathered and sync with CRM. Measure their ROI and hook them for next year.

Highlight your sponsors

Each exhibitor or sponsor get a company profile to showcase their activity, their booth and colleagues attending the event.

You can also allow them to send a push notification directly to a targeted audience.

Relevant leads are identified among attendees

Suggest fellow attendees they should meet based on their needs and their company expertise.

Exhibitors must be proactive and discuss with before the event to plan a meeting on site.

Scan business cards & badges

Your exhibitors must be able to collect attendees contact details during your event. Scanning a badge or a business card makes it fast and easy.

They will get rich attendees profiles with data from their registration and social networks.

Contextualize meetings

When meeting someone, adding a note or some tags is crucial to capture important data. It will make follow up a lot more efficient.

A complete profile, including a picture, and notes, will allow them to remember better their interlocutors.

CRM Sync & automate follow-up

Your exhibitors have access on a private space where they gather all leads collected by team members.

They can sync their contacts with their phone address books, CRMs or export them.

"I planned 80 meetings before Day 1 of App Days."
Thierry, App Annie

Track and measure exhibitors ROI

We measure an ROI for each exhibitor. You know how many leads were collected, when and how they collect them.

This will allow them to justify their expenses to their management and measure the success of their action.

Booth n°2
Visits on company profile
1 460
Leads collected
via attendance list
via badge scanning
via business card scanning
Chat messages sent

Increase your revenues

How much could you earn?
Unlock new revenues
How does it work?
You pay $49 per company, choose the price you sell it, and keep all profits for you.

Organizers often include this in their packages to make them more attractive. Measure your exhibitors ROI and use it as a powerful argument.
Make your event a success.
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