More qualified leads, improved ROI

Exhibiting at an event is a strong commitment. You look for visibility and qualify leads. Our platform helps you reach and measure your goals. It’s time to target and meet more high-quality leads or partners.

Your Exhibitor’s Area

An area dedicated to your team and the management of people you meet at the event

Share your contacts

All the people you and your team met in one place. This list can be exported via excel or through your CRM

Add your team members

Make it easier for potential leads to reach out by making all the members of your team visible on your exhibitor page

Edit your page details

Update your company profile with social media channels, links, and even downloadable documents

Get Started to improve your ROI

Target the people you want to meet

Filter through the attendee list by using fields or keywords. Depending on your searches, attendees with similar backgrounds will also be pushed up on your list, thanks to our smart AI.

Increase your ROI

Scan badges and business cards, add tags and notes to best define and subdivide leads. Never miss a sales opportunity due to lost information.


How can I access the Exhibitor’s Area?

When the organizer opens the platform, you are notified by email. This email contains a link which allows you to define a password, activate your account, and access the Exhibitor area

How can I improve our visibility and invite my colleagues?

On the Exhibitor Area, ensure your company profile is complete and accurate. It is displayed to all attendees of the event.

How can I connect with interesting attendees?

Within our platform, you can access the full list of attendees. We strongly recommend you to add a message when sending a contact request. Attendees who haven't downloaded the app will receive a notification on their email.

How can I manage collected contacts?

When getting a new contact, wether you connected with them in the platform or scanned their badge or business card, we recommend you to use notes and tags to organize them.

How can I gather contacts?

Because of privacy policy, each team member must explicitly accept to gather their contacts with the team in the Exhibitor Area. This is important if you then want to export all contacts to your sales and marketing tools.

How can I export contacts?

On the Exhibitor Area, you can export all gathered contacts. You'll received a CSV / Excel file on your mailbox.

Any other questions? We’re here to help