More qualified leads, improved ROI

Events can get hectic with thousands of attendees or an information overload. It’s time to take away the hassle, meet more potential clients, and target high-quality business partners.

Target the people you want to meet

Filter through the attendee list by using fields or keywords. Depending on your searches, attendees with similar backgrounds will also be pushed up on your list, thanks to our smart AI.

Increase your ROI

Scan badges and business cards, add tags and notes to best define and subdivide leads. Never miss a sales opportunity due to lost information.


Can all my team use my account?

We suggest to not use the same account for the whole team.
Why? Because people that met your representatives at the event will not have a clear point of contact as all contact will be made under one account.
In addition, by using the Exhibitor Area feature, you'll be able to host multiple member accounts under the company page.

Who is in the application?

Everyone who registered for the event should already be in the app, except in special cases defined by the event organizer.

I am not in the exhibitor list

If your company is not listed in the Exhibitors List on Swapcard, please contact the event organizers.
If your company is present but you are not listed as a member, please see which members are already listed and ask them to link you.